Wishlist #1 Power of Plants

I have a confession to make – I am a plant mass-murderer. I just can’t seem to keep them alive, no matter how hard I try so I am a HUGE advocate for fake greenery. There’s some fantastic artificial plants out there that look so real you can barely notice the difference. One of my favourite places to buy them from is Amazon – some are insanely cheap and they have such a huge range. Here are some that are currently sat in my basket waiting for payday!


1.  Artificial Hanging Vine Plant Leaves – £0.77!!

2.  Silk Giant Boston Fern Bush – £8.75

3.  Artificial Pink Blossom – £2.49

4. Artificial Plastic Plant Eucalyptus Grass – £1.03 

5.  Artificial Wheat Grass – £7.99

6. Green 3 ft Mini Palm Tree – £29.90

These are affiliate links because why not?!

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