Tips & Tricks for Renters #1 Command Hooks


If you’ve ever used them you’ll completely understand my love/hate relationship with command hooks. They really are amazing when you can’t drill holes in your walls but also have a penchant for falling down. The first time I used them my partner and I were nearly beheaded when a large-ish photo frame I hung over our bed came tumbling down in the middle of the night. That gave us a shock and did not help our paranoia that we’ve got a friendly poltergeist living with us. Yes, it was probably too heavy for the hooks, I was young and ill-informed.

However, they are absolutely perfect for hanging picture frames, lights, light coats, trinkets + more and here are some tips to help you keep hanging!

1. Don’t scrimp!

Don’t be tempted by the bargain sticky hooks – I learned my lesson early on and now only buy the branded ‘Command Hooks’ and haven’t had any problems with them so far but I’ve had four own-brand cheap hooks fail on me.

2. Don’t Overload

It should say on the packet how much weight the hook should hold – I’d take this with a pinch of salt and if in doubt get the strongest one.

3. Use multiple and distribute the weight evenly 

If you have a large canvas or photo frame I’d recommend using 2-4 spaced evenly to minimise the risk of one of them becoming overloaded with weight and also give you some insurance incase one of them fails.

4. Don’t hang anything you wouldn’t want to fall to the floor and break 

Y’know – just incase 😉

I am currently waiting for the delivery of a few special bits for our living room, where I’m going to attempt to hang curtains with these wonder-hooks – wish me luck and I’ll show you the finished result!

Until next time..

Emma x

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