Why I Don’t Sign Up To Minimalism

It seems like the whole world is obsessed with the three ‘m’s at the moment; mindfulness, minimalism and meditating. I can get down with a bit of mindfulness, meditation has its place, we all need to take a break sometimes, but something I cannot stand is minimalism.   Y’know what I like? Things and stuff.[…]

Lazy Sunday Home Inspiration Round Up

Oh it’s been a hectic week, I have made some progress on Project Living Room though – hallelujah! Of course I’ve changed my mind on the colour scheme, I’m over teal, over it! I’ve been SO inspired by the #urbanjungle movement and have seen so many neutral, simple rooms over the past week that have[…]

Project Living Room #4 – On Hold

Why in 2018, is it so hard to get a parcel delivered successfully with zero hiccups? And I’ve been on both sides of this, working for a small online retailer I know, no matter who the courier is, there’s only a 60-70% chance that parcel is going to get where it’s going first time. No one seems to be able to nail the whole delivery thing which is astounding considering how much we rely on it now.

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