Project Living Room #5 – Progress!

Progress has been made, plants have been bought, more fairy lights have been put up and we’re a bit closer to the bohemian urban jungle I’m now aiming for. Yes, I know I was obsessed with teal but I was struggling to incorporate it into the room without it still looking rather sparse and all-over-the-place. If we weren’t renting I would have liked to paint one of the walls a deep-teal colour but unfortunately, I just really don’t want to paint over that when we move out so I’ve been moving in a different direction:


I have Nikki Phillipi to thank for this idea; I’m not sure if any of you read her blog/watch her YouTube videos but I thoroughly recommend it for some beautiful interior design inspiration. One particular thing that caught my eye was how she used her vinyls as artwork in her bedroom and I absolutely loved this idea! At the moment I’ve only got three blu-tac’ed to the wall (skint-girl problems) to test out but it brings so much unexpected vibrancy to this little corner of the room so I am definitely going to be putting up a few more – maybe 3 rows of 3, what do you think?


This small tree was very affordable and creates a great focal point for this side of the room (and yes I just realised I’ve forgotten to take the tag off). It’s currently sitting on some rattan stack-able chests that I will show you at a later date.

I’m not too sure about the arrangement on the dresser yet, it was something I threw together from random scraps of leftover artificial plants but it’s doing the job for now. I’m planning on surrounding the mirror with wooden photo frames to create a gallery wall to look over the dining table as the wall is still looking rather bare.


I am feeling very happy with the changes I’ve made so far, it’s already feeling brighter and fresher in here. We’re planning a trip to the garden center this week to pick out some real plants which I am very excited about!


Until next time..


Emma x

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