Project Living Room #4 – On Hold

Why in 2018, is it so hard to get a parcel delivered successfully with zero hiccups? And I’ve been on both sides of this, working for a small online retailer I know, no matter who the courier is, there’s only a 60-70% chance that parcel is going to get where it’s going first time. No one seems to be able to nail the whole delivery thing which is astounding considering how much we rely on it now.

Anyway, after waiting weeks and weeks, with many unsuccessful trips to the post office, my coveted large IKEA order was sent back and instead of sending it out again, like they promised, it just got refunded goddammit! So now I’m back to square one, well maybe square one point five as I have been buying some odd bits.

So, I need to figure out how I am going to get four moderate-quality three meter long curtains without spending my whole paycheck (why are curtains so hideously expensive?!). IKEA is always my go-to for annoyingly long curtains but after this experience I don’t really fancy driving hours to pick them up in person and I don’t even really want to give them my money so this might have to turn into a DIY venture.

Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my sewing machine with me when I left home but I imagine you could quite easily hand-sew a tab-style curtain and buying the fabric outright is going to be much more purse-friendly than finding the ready-made equivalent. You may have to bear with me with this though, hence putting Project Living Room on hold – I will give you guys an update as soon as I either find a budget curtain wonderland or have made some progress on making my own (and obviously will write up a tutorial if I end up doing this!).

Hope you all have a wonderfully sunny long weekend and I will be back with more posts next week!

Until next time,

Emma x






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