Project Living Room #1

After living in our apartment for 2 years I am ashamed to say it’s still pretty bare. Going from living at home to suddenly being responsible for your own place is not only a huge shock to the system but also takes its toll on your bank account. Now I’m not really in a position to be able to just throw/give everything away and start with scratch so I need to try and make it work with what I’ve got.

As a first step I have created a moodboard of my current room, many of the pieces below are actually in my living room, some are close matches. As you can see it is quite bland, when we moved in we were fortunate enough to have been left a nearly-new, huge corner couch – but it is in a not-great shade of brown with brown & green pillows, eugh.


I’ve tried to work with it, initially I was going for a natural, slight bohemian theme but it’s not really working for me. As we live overlooking the seafront I would love to incorporate some brighter fresher colours to go with the stunning view.

I’ve always found the best way to colour theme your room is to either pick a shade from one standout piece of furniture or artwork and use that to accent the room. Alternatively, I like to use a colour scheme generator, my favourite is Coolors, which is a fantastic way to quickly try out combinations you may not have initially thought of!

I quickly put through some rough colours of the furniture, gold accents and added in the cream colour of the walls and here are a few of my favourites:


I really love this shade of blue, I think this would look stunning as an accent wall colour.


This is giving me visions of flowing cobalt curtains, not AS exciting as the teal though.


I’d completely put off the thought of using red as with my love of fairy lights and gold accents I was afraid of turning the living room into a Christmassy wonderland but this rusty shade of red could work…


I thought I’d throw in a shade from the picture I have hanging in the living room currently and it only implants the teal further into my mind.


This is with a darker shade of purple from the picture and I think the teal-blue is still winning.


Overall I’m torn between the teal and dark rusty-red so I’m off to look for some inspiration and get making those moodboards!


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