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Apologies for the lack of posts over the last couple of weeks, there has been a lot going on and I’ve only just had the mental capacity to sit down at my laptop and start writing properly again. Luckily, I have had the most wonderfully relaxing week off from the day-job after a particularly stressful month and I feel like my brain has been rewired and I finally have a sense of calm, which I assume will last for precisely the next two days before I return to the rat-race ;).

Part of the stress was due to the fact I got my first car last week which has been a real experience. I had three weeks of ups and downs with excitement turning into crippling anxiety turning into excitement over and over as my pick-up day got delayed repeatedly last minute. I have it now though and everything is running smoothly! I did accidentally try to fill my tires with the water dispenser instead of using the tire pressure gauge and had water squirt all over my face but we live and we learn eh, and I now know what a pressure gauge looks like! I am also very proud of myself for doing it all by myself, probably the most grown-up and serious purchase I’ve made so far and I can finally join in the ‘isn’t parking an absolute nightmare’ conversation because christ almighty, it is.

I am still waiting for my anticipated Ikea delivery to arrive, after nearly a month of waiting, so haven’t been able to advance on Project Living Room but as soon as I get my bits I will update you all. Unfortunately, I’m having to wait for it to be redelivered after a surly post office lady refused to accept that my reference numbers were legit and then proceeded to only look through the envelope sized parcels after I explained there was a curtain pole in the package, their incompetency ended up to be quite an amusing experience.

Expect a lot more posts in the upcoming weeks, I really enjoy thinking about all things home decor even if I can’t make much progress in my own home, I’ll just have to stock up on inspiration! Also, you may notice my blog randomly changes occasionally, don’t be put off as I am a programmer/mathematician at heart and this is my playground.

Until next time..

Emma x




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