How I Found My Love For Interior Design

For as long as I remember I have always been obsessed with other people’s houses. I am that person who sneaks a look in the cupboards when I’ve gone to the bathroom and the person you see who’s creepily looking in your window as they walk past. Coming from a poor-ish background, I’ve never lived anywhere beautifully decorated or grand and I just love seeing how other people live. The different styles they would decorate their rooms, the elaborate furniture, the glassware, the colours etc. soaking up all this inspiration, dreaming of the day I had my own place to decorate freely. Most of my vivid memories don’t focus on people, they focus on the rooms we were in, the environment, I can still remember my school friends houses extremely vividly so much so I could probably sketch out full floor-plans. (Is that weird?? It’s a bit weird) I’m just very affected by my surroundings, I’m extremely observant, I soak everything up – I always have.


Now, one thing I absolutely loved to do as a child was to move my room around – and I really got inventive whilst doing it. I always had these huge grand ideas for my bedroom, unfortunately they always fell a bit flat with my budget of £5 pocket money but it didn’t stop me from trying. I had this wonderful cabin bed with a secret den in the back, I immediately furnished it with blankets, sheets, books, all my favourite toys. Even at my grandmother’s house I had a small room for when I stayed there and insisted it was painted this particular colour of pastel purple (I knew the trends way before my time ;)) and everything had to match. This pastel purple will always have special memories for me – I still have an old ikea bookcase I painted in this gorgeous shade with my dad when I was 5 or 6. I stenciled pale yellow and blue seahorses and shells all over it and it’s still going strong!


When I was 10 we moved into a new house where I got my coolest room to date. It was this dinky little attic room but I absolutely adored it. I had an entire floor (ok a one-room floor, but that’s not the point!) to myself and got to do my first proper decorating. Now, don’t judge but the first thing I did was paint my room a bright bubble gum pink colour. Pink bedding, pink everything. I wasn’t even really a ‘pink’ kind of girl but I loved my best friend’s room at the time which was Playboy Bunny themed (can we just talk for a second at how messed up it was that they were marketing Playboy merchandise to pre-pubescence girls?). The pink theme looked so good in her large bedroom but didn’t quite work in my dinky attic room. Imagine bright bubble gum pink, sloppily painted chipboard. It felt a bit like you were sleeping in a uterus. It’s OK, it didn’t last for long.


I then, determined to get what I want, painted my bedroom in the same coveted pastel purple and attempted to make my own bed. I had a small alcove where the window was, that I desperately wanted to put my bed, but the frame was just a tiny bit too big to fit. So, I managed to turn an old futon frame into a cabin bed – oh how I wish I took photos. We won’t talk about the fact it fell down in the middle of night…


After years of pastel purple I was kind of over it and decided I wanted a grown up room and painted myself a nice dark purple feature wall. I might actually see if I can find my first inspiration photo… holy crap I found it!



(I can’t find the original source for this image as it’s so old, but I just have to use it please don’t sue me)

My bedroom was pretty much this exact shape and I painted the entire thing by myself. A lovely deep purple on the back and side wall and this really nice slate-white colour on the rest. I got my first double bed which was so exciting and even managed to find exact pillows and bedding to match the photo (I thought when you found your inspiration that you were supposed to copy it piece by piece). Hence, I had my first proper grown up room and finally got the “oh it’s so nice up here!’ reaction I had been longing for!


When I went to uni (briefly, that’s a story for another time) I had already pre-planned the colour theme of my dorm room after searching extensively to try and find photos of the rooms. Unfortunately, it had these horribly vivid yellow walls with bright blue carpet (wtf amiright?) but I made it work by choosing a green-blue accent colour and managed to make it quite cosy!


Now I have my own place and am having as much fun as I thought I would decorating it to my own tastes. I still haven’t grown out of my habit of randomly moving rooms around (honestly the instant change is such a great feeling) but I am trying to limit it, even just for the sake of my boyfriend’s sanity.


Emma x



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