7 Inventive & Cheap Room Dividers

If you’re like me, you may have to use a room for a few different purposes, maybe you have an open plan kitchen and living room or a living-dining room and are not sure how you can split up the space. Fear not as I have compiled a list of the most inventive ways to create your own room dividers and you may already own the items you need to do it!

1. Tall Plants/Indoor Tree Room Divider

This is a great way to bring vibrance and freshness into a room, it is also extremely easy to do!

2. Using Your Furniture Arrangement to Divide The Room

Arrange your furniture in deliberate groups to alter the flow of the room and give the impression of different areas. This works particularly well if you have a long or corner sofa behind which you can place a thin sideboard to further emphasise the split.

3. Tiered Plant Stand Room Divider

Isn’t this wonderful?! Using a tiered plant stand is a great way to introduce plant life to a room whilst creating a subtle divide. I love the contrast here of the white pots with the vibrantly coloured flowers against the black metal.

4. Curtain Room Divider

One of my favourite methods that I have used as a poor student and works particularly well if you have a slight dip in the ceiling perhaps where a wall used to be. Tied back curtains hanging from the ceiling creates a whimsical, soft feel and works great in living rooms or bedrooms.

5. Hanging Plant Display

This is so incredibly easy, especially if you’ve got a spare clothes rail hanging around – all you need is some indoor vine-style plants or you could even hang artificial vines if you want zero-upkeep!

6. Bookcase Room Divider

This works well with shorter bookcases for a subtle divide or you could use 2 or 3 tall bookcases to create two entirely separate rooms.

7. Old School Privacy Screen

In the 21st century we don’t have to worry as much about someone seeing our unmentionables but these old-style screens make for fantastic room dividers – I particularly like this upcycled version.

Let me know what’s your favourite and if you have any inventive solutions of your own!

Until next time,

Emma x

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