7 Interior Design Tips for Small Living Rooms

Don’t feel disheartened by your small lounge – any room of any size can be made beautiful! Follow these tips and pick out your furniture carefully and you’ll have turned your small living room into a cosy paradise in no time.

1. Hang Mirrors

Use mirrors to help create the illusion of a bigger room, larger mirrors work best but anything helps.


2. Draw the eye upwards

Highlight tall ceilings by using curtains and artwork to emphasis the height of the room.



3. Let in plenty of light

Smaller rooms can easily become dark and dingy, avoid this by keeping the windows unobstructed, use light curtains and extra lights if needed.


4. Use lightweight furniture

You want to keep the floor-space open to keep the room from looking smaller than it actually is. Using raised furniture and less-blocky pieces will help to combat this.

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5. Go for a cosy feel

Capitilise on the rooms naturally cosy feel by filling it with lots of different soft textures.



6. Use smaller furniture

Avoid overwhelming the room with large pieces. Pick out a smaller couch, multi-purpose furniture leaving the space as open as possible.


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7. Low ceilings? Use lower furniture

Make the room seem taller by picking out furniture that’s closer to floor level.


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After seeing these wonderful examples of small living rooms hopefully that has given you a burst of inspiration to help you decorate your own room! And remember, if in doubt – add a plant.

Emma x


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