5 Favourite Pinterest Home Decor DIYs

I really do value my time off, so as much as I love a good project, if something that I could buy for £20 is going to take me hours and hours to DIY, let’s be real – I’m just going to buy it. However, there are some really simple, easy & CHEAP ways to spruce up your home and here are some of my favourites!

1. Chalkboard Paint

I know everyone and their mothers know about this by now but chalkboard paint is one of my favourite things. Growing up I covered an entire wall with the stuff and used it to keep notes, lists, doodle etc. It’s fantastic for those odd bits of wall in the kitchen and amazing if you have kids – they can finally draw over the walls with no consequences!

You can use it to keep shopping lists, notes, have a patch by the door for friends to leave little comments, you could even paint the back of a picture frame to create changeable artwork!

2. Beautiful Pots

How cute are these rope-covered pots! They would make perfect make-up brush/pen holders and seem so simple to do. I might try this out with a few washout cans that would usually go straight in the recycling.

3. Upcycling Cardboard

We have SO MANY cardboard boxes in our house, if you’re a frequent online-shopper I suspect you do to, I love the idea of actually putting them to use rather than being throw away. I have a much uglier version of this in my bathroom at the moment that I’m using as a temporary bin – I might have to stock up on some rolls of rope.

4. Make Your Own Unique Artwork

How simple does this look and how stunning is the result – I really really want to make some of my own artwork, I really think it injects so much personality into a space.

5. Make Your Own Rug!!!

Man, I hadn’t even THOUGHT of being able to DIY a rug. I am definitely going to try this in the near future as large rugs have always seemed too expensive to me so this could be the answer. This crochet rug in particular looks so, so easy!

If you haven’t had your DIY fill yet, head over to my Pinterest board for tons of other ideas!

Until next time..

Emma x

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