4 Easy Ways To Upgrade Your Existing Furniture

It’s all very well decorating a room from scratch with the ability to buy yourself a fresh set of furniture, but what if you can’t? If you’re like me you’ve found yourself stuck with a load of mismatching furniture without the funds to replace. Here are some tips to help you make that room brand new with a few tweaks!

Pack a Punch

Maybe you’ve got a striking red chair, or a distressed dresser, whatever you feel is the most interesting piece in your room run with it and make it stand out! You can see below they’ve chosen to accent their room with stripes of similar colours to the chair and it really brings the room together. Adding splashes of an accent colour to mismatched furniture can draw your eye away from the individual pieces and more towards the whole look of the room.


Move it

If you can, try and look at the furniture in the room and choose the pieces that are most like each other in colour/style/shade and repurpose the rest in another room! Taking out a few odd pieces can really help to refresh the room.

Throws are your friend

Got an old table you can’t get rid of? Throw a tablecloth over it and watch your space be transformed. Cover up that gross colour of your old couch with blankets and pillows. No only does this add texture to your room it also can give your furniture a new lease of life. I’ve even turned an old garden chair into a comfy looking reading chair with a fluffy blanket and strategically placed pillows!


Paint Paint Paint

Painting is a cheap and easy way to give your furniture a new look and you can even experiment with the style of painting to upgrade it even more. Why not try a distressed look in a sea-themed bathroom or experiment with blackboard paint to give yourself interesting spaces to keep notes!



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